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Dear Reader,

Every single day of your life can be hard going, both on your mind and your body. Millions of people all over the world are stressed at work, anxious about deadlines they have to meet, depressed because they are not leading the life they want and resent the fact that they don't spend enough time with their families. The 21st century is not any easier because of technology, in fact it can be a lot harder because of technology.

Do you feel life is slowly passing you by and your TV is on to drone out the stresses of every day life?

Do you suffer constant headaches due to the constant pressures at work and the struggle to keep your head above water?....

Are you dissillusioned with your life and where you are heading?...


I have lived that life, bought the tee shirt and worn it out big time. It's your time to change, your time to start living the life you want, and your time can start TODAY.

Imagine a world where all your thoughts are unhappy, you think the world is against you, nothing ever goes right for you and people just don't seem to take to you. You always seem to get the run of bad luck and where other people are succeeding you are failing. Of course it's not your fault it's just the way the world is, or is it? Your thoughts are controlled by your brainwaves and it's your mind that controls your brainwaves

Your thoughts are what make your world - That's a bold statement to make but let me give you an example:

Read the next sentence and then close your eyes and follow these instructions:

As vividly as you can, imagine your head is itchy, it feels like a million little bugs are crawling through your hair and you need to scratch them loose, don't scratch your head even though you want to. The itch is becoming unbearable and it's starting to itch on the top of your head, at the sides of your head and just behind your ears, in fact your whole body seems to be developing this itch, your arms, your legs and your back. You feel like scratching, don't scratch. It's getting worse the itch is terrible...................

Okay, how many of you scratched yourself whilst reading the paragraph above? Be honest.

What does this prove? Your thoughts and actions are influenced by the world around you. Did you have an itch before you started to read the above? That was only one paragraph. You are bombarded every single day of your life with adverts for the things you think you want; the new car, a holiday home, a beautiful woman or a sexy man, a new house. These adverts all help to make us feel that our life is not how it should be, they might make us feel inadequate making us feel down and depressed. however it's not your thoughts of what life should be like it's someone else's. TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR MIND AND STOP LETTING YOUR MIND CONTROL YOU.

Your brainwaves are being controlled every day by outside influences. that's where binaural beats can help you, they help you to entrain your brain to have more relaxed, more alert, more focused and happier brainwaves and to finally take control of your own mind which means you will control your own thoughts which means you can finally live the life you want.


***It's your turn to live up to your potential***

steven aitchison


My name is Steven Aitchison and I am a personal development writer for a well known blog. I take my work seriously and more importantly I take the products I create seriously as they have my name on them and my name is my brand.

I discovered Binaural Beats over 10 years ago and my world literally turned upside down. From a depressed, 'the world is black' state of mind I am NOW extremely happy, living the life I have dreamed about and living the life I was born to live.

I had to find out more and the science behind binaural beats and for months I have researched and created some fantastic Binaural Beats using state of the art technology. Now I want everyone else to benefit from these fantastic audios and live the life YOU should be living

I literally want to help as many people as I can in the short time that I have. Obviously I am not going to do this for free, I am not that altruistic, however I do want to make my products accessible to everyone.

This is why I have created an amazing offer which everyone will be able to afford.

For only $15 per month you could change your life and live the life you should be living.


Introducing Binaural Technology.

Here's the real story

All those supplements that you can buy over the counter at your local health store, prescription drugs, while all designed to make you feel "better", only create a more IMBALANCED body.

You see, they will either flood your body with too much of a certain nutrient, forcing it to over-produce and release the stuff that will make you feel good, or inhibit and stop the production of brain chemicals that make you feel stressed, tired, etc.

One way or the other, your body WILL catch up.

The solution lies deeper within the brain.

You see, our brain works by sending and receiving "waves" of data and energy.

It is these waves that actually control the way we perceive things, react, and feel.

Take sleep as an example.

When you are sleeping, your brain will go through different phases, and shift through different wave lengths during the process. These different phases are essential to stimulate ...

Cellular Growth and Regeneration

Long Term Memory Integration and Data Assimilation

Relaxation and the Feeling of Refreshment

Dreams, Creativity and Generation of New and Powerful Ideas.

It has been recently discovered that, through a process called "mental entrainment", it is possible to attune one person's brainwaves to an outside signal.

And this is what Binaural sounds are designed for.

By emitting signals of different frequencies, you can "reprogram" your mind to work just the way you want it to, and you can do it in only five minutes per session.

Your Own Private Heaven.

Imagine if you had the power to switch your brainwaves so easily, how would it impact your work life? Or your relationships, or anything you can think of for the matter?

You see, it is now not only possible, it is easy to do so.

I have created some fantastic audio's specially designed to improve all aspects of your life and they work immediately.

Anywhere, Any time of the day.

Just play any of these audio's with your headphones on, and you will start seeing results within a few sessions, guaranteed.

Here are just some of the audio's you will receive


Mind Rise Audio

Gentle Wake up, Force Energy

This 40 Minutes audio will take you from sleep to a new energy peak you never thought possible. Knowing that 30 minutes of unassisted meditation is worth 3 hours of sleep, how much do you think that this audio alone can do for you?

Creativity Boost Audio

Flowing Creativity, an Oasis of Inspiration.

Within 30 Minutes this audio will help you generate more ideas than a brainstorming session with Steve Jobs, Da Vinci, Yoda and your Mother together (Mothers are well known for finding creative solutions to our own problems). Can you impress your boss enough to win that next promotion?

Laser Focus Audio

For Times When Play Is Not An Option.

Keep it running in the background for as long as you need, this one
hour audio has been created to project you into a reality outside of Time and Space. Focus on what matters NOW. This audio will assist you in getting more work done in hours than any of your co-workers in weeks.

Instant Memory Audio

Quickly Become An Expert On Any Topic.

Study any topics with this 60 minutes learning aid, and enjoy the benefits of a deeper understanding, better retention rate and instant assimilation of the knowledge in your long-term and reflexive memory. Never leave for a presentation unprepared anymore.

Mental Refresher Audio

Relax, You've Earned It.

Because you'll never hear this coming from your boss, we've designed
this short 10 minutes audio to help you fully relax and fully refresh your mind. Use it during breaks, at lunch, or in the car after work, and stop worrying so hard.

Enter Your Heaven, Today.

No need for CDs as these audio's will be shipped to your inbox every single week.

Every single week you will receive a brand new Binaural Beats audio which you can download instantly or listen to straight from your computer.

By placing your order today you will get INSTANT access to your first audio and then a new one every week thereafter.

Not only will you be able to start using these audio's immediately, you will be able to enjoy their benefits and see your life impove and live the life you were born to live.

For $15 per month you will not only receive 4 brand new Binaural beats audio's but you will also receive periodical eBooks on the subject of binaural beats, lucid dreaming, meditation, astral projection, more energy, and a whole host of other eBooks which will improve your life dramatically.

Simply click on the button below and follow the instructions to get started.

This is a membership program without having to download any audio or eBook from a site as it will be delivered to your inbox every week, same day, same time so you will know when to expect your next e-mail. As I don't have the hassle of keeping a site updated and pay for hosting, domain name, and my time I can concentrate on getting great products to you at a rock bottom price. Don't be fooled by the low price, you are getting the savings I make on having less overheads which is why it is only $25 per month.

Here again is a recap of exactly what you will get every single month

bullet3 Professional Binaural Beat audio's, around 30 minutes in length

bullet1 quality ebook related to improving the quality of your life

bullet1 Professional guided meditation audio, interlaced with Binaural Beats

What would all this cost you normally? Anything from $60 - $100 every month

Please hurry up as this offer will not last forever


For $25

$9 per month


I'm Here To Make Your Life Easier.

I feel so confident that these audios will work for you, that if you tell me you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, I will be surprised, but will gladly offer you a refund, and with a smile.

Go ahead, place your order today and see your life improve.

The risk is on me.

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For $25

$9 per month

P.S: Remember, unlike supplements or medications, these audio's will not modify your body's natural balance. Order with confidence now.

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